Femto2D product Line (Femtonics)


Femto2D is our standard two-photon microscope product line. The innovative optomechanical design and the stable architecture support superior imaging techniques. The different models encompass modular galvanometric, resonant and dual scanner two-photon microscopes. Complex, specifically designed microscopes have been built for various biological applications, and have been used around the world for more than 10 years. All of the in vivo imaging capability and optional modules demonstrated at FemtoSmart is implemented to these systems, while the in vitro extension can house PMTs for transmitted fluorescent detection. Scanning modes and optical properties are the same as in the corresponding FemtoSmart members.

Femto2D Galvo

All galvanometric based scanning modes and excellent optical properties of the FemtoSmart Galvo had been established in this microscope. High accuracy and positioning freedom of the scanner are combined with the intelligent control software supporting flexible approaches for ROI creation.

Femto2D Resonant

The Femto2D Resonant is the twin of the FemtoSmart Resonant. Femtonics combines the high speed and high sensitivity imaging of living tissues in this scope, where the imaging speed reaches the 31 frames per second. The optomechanical quality is ensured by the established technology.

Femto2D Dual

The Femto2D Dual microscope gives the ability to perform dual scanning using both galvo and resonant scanners in tandem. With galvo scanner you can zoom to tiny structures such as dendritic spines and jump quickly between these regions. In contrast, with resonant scanner you can capture images with high frame rate to follow rapid changes on the FOV.