by Varjú Patrícia

NenoVision LiteScope / A unique AFM accessory for SEM

Atomic Force Microscope designed for easy integration into the Scanning Electron Microscopes.


LiteScope enables Correlative Imaging of AFM and SEM techniques. Pioneers the unique correlative microscopy technique CPEM: Correlative Probe and Electron Microscopy ™. CPEM provides multidimensional correlation imaging – images from an SEM are extended into 3D.

AFM enables precise measurements of

  •       3D topography/depth profiling;
  •       roughness measurements (subnanometer RMS);
  •       material vs. topography contrast;
  •       local electrical properties.

Key Features:

  •       extends the performance of the SEM by the AFM techniques;
  •       precise navigation of the AFM tip by SEM to area of interest;
  •       simple integration, mounting/dismounting in less than 10 minutes;
  •       compatible with most new and existing SEMs produced by TESCAN