by Varjú Patrícia

Low temperature scanning electron microscopy for Life Sciences

To overcome the disadvantages of cryo-ultramicrotomy, a cryo FIB-SEM is used as a powerful tool for preparation of fine cryo-TEM samples. The TESCAN cryo-workflow consisting of the TESCAN S8000G FIB-SEM system equipped with a Leica cryo-preparation equipment is a concrete solution for in-situ preparation of site-specific thin lamella from a fully hydrated vitrified sample.

Using cryo FIB-SEM as a part of the whole cryo-TEM workflow, subcellular structure of the cells can be revealed in a form of a planar lamella (on-grid lamella). The cryo on-grid lamella is prepared without cutting artefacts and is thin enough for transmitted electrons. One of the key advantages of the cryo-FIB is the ability to prepare site-specific lamellas based on correlation with the data from light microscopic methods.

Main advantages:

  •     users can take an unprecedented look at nanometer sized features on plants, tissues and cellular specimens;
  •     the possibility to investigate subsurface details from any selected location on the native frozen sample.