by Varjú Patrícia

MIRA3 AMU is a high performance FE-SEM system equipped with an extraordinarily large chamber. This unique microscope allows the imaging and analysis of extraordinary large samples that cannot be fitted in standard chambers.

It is very often in fields such as forensic sciences and archaeology or, in the automotive and aeronautic industries that the only way to perform the analysis of interest requires that the integrity of the specimen is preserved. This is the case when the sample represents a piece of evidence or the whole sample is essential to the analysis or study, or the sample is a precious specimen with historical value. In such cases, the specimens could exceed the volume and even weight capabilities of standard chambers. For this purpose, TESCAN offers the MIRA3 AMU, a unique FE-SEM that stands out for its capabilities to accommodate extremely large and heavy samples making SEM analysis of such large samples possible.

AMU chamber highlights

  • SEM imaging of extremely large samples that cannot be altered (cut into smaller pieces)
  • Chamber internal dimensions: 880 mm (width) × 1200 mm (depth)
  • Maximum specimen weight: 25 Kg
  • Integrated active vibration isolation
  • Capable of low and high vacuum operations
  • Multiple detector configuration possible