TESCAN NanoSpace

by Gergely Balogh

The first stand alone UHV Analytical FIB-SEM


  • The vacuum level inside the main chamber is below 10-10 mbar
  • UHV level is obtained after instrument baking at 120°C
  • UHV require a specific design
  • All materials constituting the instrument are chosen to limit contamination

Key Features of  TESCAN NanoSpace 

  • Full UHV design – Contamination free environment
  • Fully customisable system
  • Total flexibility on FIB selection
  • Enhanced surface analysis performances
  • 100 mm sample stage
  • Connectable to process clusters



Stage key features 



  • Full 100mm 6 axes stage.
  • High repeatbility (optical encoders driven motors)
  • Fully computer controled
  • UHV compatible (contaminant free)
  • Stability <2nm/min
  • Integrated FC
  • 1 kV isolated stage





SEM: Focused Elecron Beam

Eclipse + column.

UHV Design – Fully Bakeable 120°C

High resolution imaging..

High performance analysis.

  • Energy range: 500 eV – 30 keV.
  • Beam current: 5 pA to 100 nA.

The right column for the right application




NanoSpace can be equiped with 2 analytical devices (optional).

Upon customer requirements:

  • Magnetic Sector SIMS add-on
  • Ortho Time of Flight SIMS add-on