by Gergely Balogh

Compact analytical SEM for routine materials characterization, research and quality control applications at the micron scale.

TESCAN VEGA COMPACT, taking its pedigree from the highly acclaimed VEGA series, is an entry level, yet still powerful, analytical SEM. With a compact, simplified configuration that optimizes imaging and compositional analysis functions, VEGA COMPACT provide a cost-effective solution for laboratories where fundamental sample characterization is a priority. VEGA COMPACT combines SEM imaging and elemental composition analysis in a single window of TESCAN’s Essence™ software. This combination significantly simplifies acquisition of both morphological and elemental data from the sample, making VEGA COMPACT an efficient, cost effective analytical solution for routine materials inspection, quality control, failure analysis and research labs.


  • Analytical platform featuring fully integrated TESCAN Essence™ EDS, which efficiently combines SEM imaging with elemental composition analysis in a single Essence™ software window.
  • Optimum imaging and analytical conditions immediately available thanks to TESCAN’s unique apertureless design powered by In-Flight Beam Tracing™.
  • Effortless and precise SEM navigation on the sample at magnification as low as 2× without the need for an additional optical navigation camera due to the unique Wide Field Optics™ design.
  • Intuitive and modular Essence™ software designed for effortless operation regardless of a user’s experience level.
  • Ultimate safety of the chamber mounted detectors when the stage and sample are in motion is guaranteed with Essence™ 3D Collision model.
  • Optional vacuum buffer significantly reduces vacuum rotary pump run-time to deliver both ecological and economic benefits.