by Varjú Patrícia

Time-Of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry


Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (ToF SIMS) is a highly sensitive analytical technique that provides chemical characterisation of the surfaces of materials. TOF-SIMS is the ideal characterisation technique for those fields of science and technology where the composition of surfaces, thin films or layers plays an essential role in performance.

The TESCAN solution for secondary ion mass spectrometry is based on integration of an orthogonal TOF-SIMS analyser with TESCAN FIB-SEM systems. Such combination enables in-situ FIB depth profiling with high mass resolution and high spatial resolution imaging.

TOF-SIMS can achieve better lateral and depth resolution compared to other common chemical analytical SEM techniques such as EDX.

TOF-SIMS provides a characterisation of the surface of materials by means of mass spectra, depth profiles and elemental/molecular maps. Mass spectra allow the identification and quantification of elements, and molecular species present in the surface layers of the sample as well as the distinction of isotopes and species with similar nominal mass. Depth profiling is used to detect trace elements of dopants and other impurities at different depth ranges. Light elements such as Be, B and Li can be detected in very low concentrations of few ppm.

Two solutions are available:

C-TOF analyzer

H-TOF analyzer