AUROX – Confocal Clarity

by Gergely Balogh

Aurox Ltd was established in 2004 to commercialise and build upon pioneering work from the Scanning Optical Microscopy Group at the University of Oxford, Department of Engineering Science.

A leader in the design and manufacture of innovative optical imaging equipment, Aurox has received multiple business and technology awards including, the Queen's Award for Enterprise, the Institute of Physics (IOP) Innovation award and the R&D100 award.

Aurox's leading product is the Clarity Laser Free Confocal (LFC) unit, which is based on the award winning Aurox SD62; previously sold by Andor as the Revolution DSD and by Zeiss as the Vivatome. The Clarity is the first in a portfolio of new second generation technology products under development by Aurox. This same Aurox technology is used by 3DHistech in their slide scanner product and by Zeiss in their SmartProof5 materials product.

The Clarity revolutionary design delivers affordable confocal microscopy to a wider user community through its ability to attach to any conventional microscope and to provide high quality 3D images to be acquired in real time.


Confocal Unity microscope


Confocal Clarity Upgrade