Confocal RCM

Confocal RCM

RCM1 is a highly sensitive super-resolution confocal system.
It’s capable of reaching a 120nm resolution after deconvolution.
(170nm raw)
Study living cells in high detail with minimal phototoxicity and photobleaching.

Confocal RCM2

RCM2 is, like the RCM1, a highly sensitive super-resolution confocal system. It uses digital scanning technology and bigger optics, which allows for brighter images and even lower laser power. Capture more biology with the same resolution.


Confocal RCM 2.5

RCM2.5 is our upgraded version of the RCM2, with a 5th additional laser. This version utilizes up to 5 lasers, extending over the Visible and Near-Infrared (NIR). Moreover, RCM2.5 enables you to use the latest advances in NIR dye development and look much deeper into your specimen.


Confocal NL5

Fast & deep 3D live cell imaging.
NL5 is a fast line-scanning Confocal system with high sensitivity and resolution. It allows to quickly acquire multiple multicolor images, with minimal phototoxicity.