Confocal NL5

by Gergely Balogh

What is NL5?

Fast & deep 3D live cell imaging

NL5 uses vintage technology from the eighties, now combined with modern cutting-edge digital technology, to create a fast confocal microscope with high resolution and perfect sensitivity. A slit pinhole, together with an extremely sensitive sCMOS camera as detector, make NL5 the perfect tool for fast and deep 3D live cell imaging.

Point-scanning confocal systems are commonly used, but their speed is limited. NL5 contains a slit pinhole that increases acquisition speed dramatically by scanning a full line at a time instead of a point. Due to the speed of the scanner, your samples will not be exposed to the laser for a long time, preventing photobleaching and phototoxicity. In addition, the high quantum efficiency of the modern sCMOS camera conjoined with NL5, allows for utilizing low laser power. Therefore, a high signal-to-noise ratio image can be captured without signs of phototoxicity or bleaching.

Perks of NL5

Perks of NL5

  • Fast scanning confocal microscope
  • High resolution and low phototoxicity
  • Ideal for deep 3D live cell imaging
  • Compact and very easy to use
  • Keep widefield capabilities with motorized bypass
  • Convert your existing widefield fluorescence microscope into a fast and highly sensitive confocal 3D imaging microscope with NL5

Discover the way NL5 improves your imaging experience