GentleMill for TEM users

Gentle Mill, model IV8 for final polishing and cleaning.

Gentle Mill

Gentle Mill is a dedicated model with unique design for end-polishing pre-prepared TEM and/or FIB samples. The patented low-energy ion source and the special sample holder help to reach the ultimate quality for any demand.

  • Automated operation
  • Final step for perfect result
  • protective transfer capsule
  • Special adaptor for Hitachi microscopes
  • Online monitoring and support

Automated operation

The advanced software of Gentle Mill provides fully computer control with a detailed graphical interface. All milling parameters can be stored or pre-programmed in arbitrary number of steps. This fully automated feature of the Gentle Mill allows to produce high-quality samples with minimum user intervention.

Automated perforation detection helps to protect the sample against over-milling and makes the preparation safe and easy.

“The final step ”

The excellent performance of the patented ion source offers an effective, but very gentle cleaning capability to improve the quality of the already prepared TEM or FIB sample.

This model is suggested for users, who are looking for the best result or have special needs.

Protective transfer capsule

The newest feature of Gentle Mill gives the possibility of transferring extremely sensitive samples under vacuum or inert gas environment. The transfer capsule offers an efficient protection against oxygen, vapor or other components what may destroy or contaminate the sample surface while carrying.

Special 3D adaptor for microscopes

Special adaptor is available for Gentle Mill what gives you a fast, easy and safe solution for transferring any samples to Hitachi TEMs. Don’t need to waste time and risk the sample while transferring between the preparation device and the microscope, the same 3D sample-holder can be used.

Online monitoring and support

The Gentle Mill is supplied with a software extension for online technical support, which enables instant error detection and program elimination via the internet.