NEW STX series – Incubate your dreams

by iscienceuser


  • Original Heating Method – Our original Top Heater is capable to maintain the sample Temperature for all major vessels including the well – plates
  • Selectable Incubation Mode – There are 3 cell culture modes depending on your experiment or imaging.
    1. Feedback Mode
    2. Quick Mode
    3. Manual Mode
  • Advanced Quick Mode – Accumulates more than 210 patterns of temperature regulation to maintain the sample temperature optimally.
  • Built-in Humidifier – This keeps the humidity rate inside the Chamber at over 90%.
  • Programmable Control – Programmable Cotrol for CO2/O2 and Temperature is possible. O2 control is possible with O2 module.
  • Screen Capture – Capture and send the PC screen to desired email.


  • Top Heater – Original Glass Heater prevents the condensation, allowing clear and continuous imaging.
  • Vessel Securing Lid – Holds the vessels and the sensor securely.
  • Sensor – Can measure the sample temperature.
  • Dish Attachment – Compatible with the 35mm/50mm/60mm petri dishes, slide glass, chamber slide, and chambered coverglass.
  • Tube and Sensor Holders –  Capable of holding the sensor or tubings used for experiments.
  • Bath Unit
  • Lens Heater – Strongly recommended when observing with high-magnification lenses and oil/water immersion lenses.
  • Controller:
    1. Model: STXG – With built-in digital gas mixer for 100% CO2 gas cylinder use
    2. Model: STXF – With a flow-meter for premixed gas (5% CO2 + 95% Air) cylinder use