Thermo Plate – TPi series

Microscope - Stage Automatic Thermocontrol System

Ensures more accurate and more reliable thermal control of the sample during the observation under a microscope. Wide product range supports Biotechnology Science and Industries.

  • No more glass breakage - Applied strengthen glass, and comes with 10-year warranty for glass breakage.
  • Plate LED Indicator - Green LED lights up when the glass heater is ready.
  • Compact Controller - Dimension of the controller is: W85×D135×H30(mm). Its design saves the space in a clean bench.
  • Temperature Measurement Function - External (sterilized) sensor makes it easy to measure the actual sample temperature. Also, it enables on-site calibration.
  • Easy to Calibrate - Calibration can be done with your fingertip. Much easier to adapt to the environment which it will be used in.
  • Software TEM - Temperature Management Software “TEM” enables to monitor, log, and record sample and/or plate temperature. Automated temperature control is available as an option.