Labtron Vibrating Microtome LVMI-A10

Vibrating Microtome LVMI-A10 is a table top sectioning microtome with precise vibrating system producing minimal deflection thus ensuring optimal specimen integrity. Features an adjustable speed sectioning knife with a speed of 0 to 1.3 mm/s. An adjustable specimen retraction feature protects the specimen from damage during the return stroke of the knife. The specimen table has a lifting range upto 9 mm for user’s ease for cutting.

Features of Labtron Vibrating Microtome LVMI-A10

  • No specimen breakage
  • 10 µm section cutting ( brain or spinal cord specimen )
  • 30 µm section cutting ( fresh brain, heart and kidney )
  • No embedding or pre cooling required before sample cutting

Options: cooling (water bath or active cooling), LED cold light source, magnifer or stereomicroscope