Light-Sheet Microscope

by iscienceuser

M-Squared Aurora system

Airy Beam Light Sheet Microscopy Imaging System

  • Wide field of view – image larger specimens faster than other systems
  • Isotropic axial resolution – image samples from any angle
  • Low photo bleaching – image specimens for longer
  • Modular design – customisable system to suit your research needs
  • Intuitive operation – minimal training required
  • Programmable – Develop your own functions/code
  • Flexible specimen preparation – use live, fixed and cleared specimens (incubation and perfusion facilitated)

Aurora is an innovative, compact, flexible and affordable single and/or multiphoton light sheet fluorescence imaging system for rapid, large 3D volumetric imaging, high resolution, multicolour, time-lapse imaging and live cell imaging.

Airy beam Light Sheet Microscopy (ABLSM) is an increasingly popular imaging modality for visualising whole samples, such as embryos and organoids, and is used for the longtime observation of embryonal development in different model organisms in developmental biology, cell biology, neuroscience and regenerative medicine.

Aurora is already being used out in the field by many leading organisations with outstanding results.

Innovation Award 2017
IOP Institute of Physics

Core Features

The entry level Aurora system is a compact bench-top light system with a footprint of 60 x 60 x 30 cm and features:

  • Sub-cellular 1-micron isotropic resolution
  • Peak Irradiance of 80% less than a Gaussian light sheet, whilst maintaining a similar axial resolution
  • 20x larger X-Y field of view than a Gaussian light sheet
  • 500x faster than confocal microscopy
  • 10x increase in signal-to-noise after Airy deconvolution

The entry-level system can be easily adapted or upgraded for a multitude of applications. Additional modules include:

  • Wide range of continuous wave laser lines available
  • Multiphoton light sheet imaging configuration
  • Fully or partially automated stage
  • Environmental control

Aurora Custom Development Programme

Joining the Aurora customisation programme places the configuration and specifications of an instrument directly in your hands, so that your microsope meets the exacting needs of your research requirements. The benefits of the programme include:

Personalised Programme

Tailor the programme to suit your budget or timescales

Develop A Custom System

Choose from a range of modules and create a system to suit your research requirements


Practical assistance to help you optimise sample imaging protocols

Priority Technical Support

Help from our dedicated application specialists and engineers

Grant Application Support

Access available funds with the support of our grant writing team

Co-Authored Papers

Develop papers in conjunction with us and/or other programme members

Preferential Purchase Terms

Programme members receive preferential purchase terms

Available Models

1-photon light-sheet system

Multiphoton light-sheet configuration