Polygon (Mightex)


Mightex develops cutting-edge all-optical cellular-resolution optogenetics, photostimulation, and imaging tools designed with life scientists in mind. From signaling networks inside cells to large-scale neural circuits in the brain, Mightex products enable scientists to investigate life’s unanswered questions and push the boundaries of life science research.



Patterned Illumination System for Life Science Research

Mightex’s market-leading Polygon400 pattern illuminator provides precise spatiotemporal control of light with subcellular resolution, making it the perfect illumination tool for life science research.

  • Any Shape, Size, Timing, and Colour
  • Simultaneous Multi-Region Illumination
  • Subcellular Resolution
  • Compatible with Any Microscope

Polygon 1000

Larger Field-of-View, Finer Resolution

New large DMD chip combined with interchangeable front tube optics enables larger field-of-view without comprising resolution and power.

Faster than Anything Else in the Market

Increased maximum frame rate means better temporal resolution for advanced physiologically-relevant experiments and virtually simultaneous 2-colour illumination of distinct ROIs.

Real-Time Projection, Closed-Loop Experiments

Faster uploading time enables the Polygon1000 to perform real-time pattern illumination for closed-loop experiments (faster than HDMI refresh rates [60Hz/120Hz]).

More Power, Extra Flexibility

Large chip and improved optics enhances transmission efficiency enabling the Polygon1000 to achieve increased power density at the specimen level giving the researcher more room for intensity control.


The Polygon1000-G is a flexible solution for patterned illumination, as this patterned illuminator can be used with any lightsource (350-700nm) that accepts a 3mm core lightguide. Thus, the Polygon1000-G provides future flexibility for different wavelengths and lightsources, depending on your application.

  • Wavelengths: 350-700nm
  • Lightsource: lightguide-coupled
  • Interchangeable front tubes available for fine resolution or large field-of-view

Key Applications: Neuroscience Optogenetics, Cell Biology Optogenetics, Photoactivation, Photoconversion


The Polygon1000-DL is a flexible solution for large field of view or high-power patterned illumination applications, as this patterned illuminator can be used with any fiber-coupled lightsource (400-700nm), such as high-power lasers. This Polygon1000 model has been designed for high-power applications, such as in vivo optogenetics.

  • Wavelengths: 400-700nm
  • Lightsource: fiber-coupled
  • Interchangeable front tubes available for fine resolution or large field-of-view

Key Applications: In Vivo Optogenetics, Cortex-Wide Optogenetics, Photoactivation