RMC Boeckeler ASH2: Advanced Substrate Holder

by Gergely Balogh

3D reconstruction and tomography are growing in use in today’s EM world. RMC Boeckeler is at the forefront with two offerings, depending on the volume to be reconstructed. For small volumes, where tens to hundreds of sections are required, the Advanced Substrate Holder (ASH2) is favored for ease of use and speed. The ASH2 quickly locks onto any current ultramicrotome, instantly converting it into an instrument capable of sectioning and collecting hundreds of sections.

This newly designed Advanced Substrate Holder weighs less than 0.5kg and can be mounted directly onto modern ultramicrotomes without the use of additional fixtures.

Used to efficiently collect and align ribbons of serial sections. Includes three axes of movement for precise alignment of the substrate in the knife boat.

Ideal for the collection of hundreds of sections.

For larger volume work, please see our ATUMtome.

RMC Boeckeler ASH2: Advanced Substrate Holder Supplied complete with the following

  • 25 large silicon wafer substrates, 25mm square
  • 25 narrow silicon wafer substrates, 10mm x 25mm – fits standard diamond knife boats
  • 25 large indium tin oxide coated substrates – 25mm square
  • Water filling and removal system
  • Substrate clamp for RMC ultramicrotomes
  • Instructional video
  • User guide
  • Custom-built padded storage case for ASH2 and accessories