RMC Boeckeler ATUMtome: Automated Tape Collecting Ultramicrotome

by Gergely Balogh

Developed at Harvard University’s Lichtman Lab, the Automated Tape Collecting Ultramicrotome (ATUMTome) automates the section collecting process, improving work flow for imaging.

The ATUMtome can produce many thousands of serial sections, unattended and uninterrupted, without the need for resetting the specimen arm, thanks to the million nanometer feed of the PowerTome 3D (PT3D) .

It ships as a complete, ready-to-use system with the Powertome 3D, ATUM, all accessories, anti-vibration table, & chair.

RMC Boeckeler ATUMtome: Automated Tape Collecting Ultramicrotome Supplied complete with the following

  • Powertome PT3D (75850)
  • ATUM control software on computer
  • ATUM continuous tape feed mechanism (ATUM500)
  • Knife boat water level detection & control system
  • Start-up supply of Kapton tape, silicon wafers, & adhesive backed carbon tape
  • Maxi boat diamond knife, 4mm edge, 35° angle (RT4-M35)
  • Wafer workstation with start-up supply of 100mm (4″) wafers (ATUM310)
  • Clear plastic environmental chamber (74802)
  • Static-Line II de-ionizer with stand (74800 or 74801)
  • Anti-vibration table (60617)
  • Positioning slide rail