RMC Boeckeler Automated EM Stainer

by Gergely Balogh

After ultramicrotomy, most sections require contrasting with lead and uranyl salts. As well as being hazardous if not handled correctly, both can cause precipitates during the contrasting process. To provide a safe and healthy environment, RMC Boeckeler developed the QG3100, capable of contrasting up to 40 grids in one run. It is simple to use, programmable and cost efficient.

The QG3100 conveniently accepts a variety of prepared staining solutions and protocols, determined by end-user requirements as opposed to other proprietary and expensive stains.

RMC Boeckeler Automated EM Stainer supplied complete with the following

  • Main staining unit complete with peristaltic pump control valves
  • Touch screen controller/monitor
  • Quick release processing chamber with grid loading plate
  • Grid loading/unloading tools
  • Cleaning holder
  • Filling syringe with weighted dispenser
  • Waste storage bottles with rack
  • Interconnect tubing
  • Drip tray
  • Power cord