RMC Boeckeler EMP5160: Automated EM Tissue Processor

by Gergely Balogh

For routine tissue processing and resin embedding, automation is the safest and most reproducible route, especially with the EMP5160.

Sealed vials keep hazardous reagents away from the user while maintaining an optimal environment for the efficient processing of plant or animal samples.

RMC Boeckeler EMP5160: Automated EM Tissue Processor Supplied complete with the following

  • One (1) set specimen handling tools
  • Loading and unloading stations for specimen stack rings
  • One (1) specimen load/unload plate for specimen baskets
  • Reagent vials with caps (qty. 50)
  • Stack rings with mesh screens (qty. 50)
  • Processing chambers (qty. 5)
  • One (1) basket holder assembly
  • QG3100 Accessories
  • Tissue Processing System
  • Contrasting System Back to top
  • Large, three compartment specimen baskets (qty. 25)
  • Small, four compartment specimen baskets (qty. 25)
  • EM grid baskets (qty. 50)
  • Basket lids (qty. 100)
  • Syringes, 30cc capacity (qty. 5)
  • Exhaust hose (3 meters)
  • Programming keypad
  • Programmable data key
  • Fuse kit
  • Power cable
  • Key pad cable