RMC Boeckeler GKM2: Glass Knife Maker

by Gergely Balogh

For many, the glass knife is preferred for teaching, trimming and for those unknown samples which may have inclusions that can instantly damage your diamond edge.

The GKM2 glass knife maker produces the most reproducible straight edged glass knives available. With its balanced break methodology coupled with a pressure detector readout for precise reproducibility of breaking pressure, the GKM2 is the favored knifemaker for many laboratories.

The pressure sensor and digital display enable the operator to produce accurate knives with each controlled break. Precision micrometers accurately position glass squares for the final break into knives.

RMC Boeckeler GKM2: Glass Knife Maker Supplied complete with the following

  • Digital Display
  • Two (2) micrometers
  • Protective goggles
  • Brush
  • Two (2) replacement scoring wheels
  • One (1) replacement axle
  • Glass strips 6mm x 25.4mm x 406mm (package of 30 pieces)