RMC Boeckeler PT3D: PowerTome 3D

by Gergely Balogh

RMC Boeckeler PT3D: PowerTome 3D

The PT 3D features a full 1 mm advance, permitting uninterrupted ultrathin sectioning to a depth of one millimeter. This unique advantage is especially beneficial for 3D reconstruction work, array tomography and any situation involving frequent trimming with the ultrathin feed, such as cryosectioning.

The PT 3D has a high definition video package where the sectioning process is displayed in real-time at the center of the computer monitor. An image capture system allows videos or still photographs to be taken at any time, which is extremely useful for collaboration and archiving.

The ultramicrotome can be controlled with either a touch screen monitor or digital tactile controller or, if more convenient the user can opt to use both.

Operation Specifications of RMC Boeckeler PT3D: PowerTome 3D

  • Section thickness: 5nm to 15mm
  • Cutting speed: 0.1 to 100mm/sec in 0.1mm/sec increments
  • Variable return speed over entire cutting speed range
  • Specimen auto feed: 1mm

Knife stage movement:

  • 50mm gross advance
  • 25mm E-W travel
  • 12mm N-S advance

Knife Options:

  • Glass knives up to 12mm wide
  • Triangular tungsten carbide knives
  • Any commercial brand of diamond knives