RMC Boeckeler PTFL: PowerTome FL

by Gergely Balogh

Finding the needle in the haystack!

The new PTFL fluorescence location system, developed from a collaboration between the Francis Crick Institute and RMC Boeckeler, is an ultramicrotome-mounted microscope, capable of imaging fluorescent cells in the block during trimming and sectioning. With the PTFL, resin embedded samples can be quickly evaluated and the ROI (region of interest) targeted.

Introducing the PowerTome FL (PTFL) A collaboration between The Francis Crick Institute and Boeckeler Instruments

Introducing the new PowerTome FL (PTFL) fluorescence location system, an ultramicrotome-mounted fluorescence microscope, capable of imaging cells and tissues, prepared with In-Resin Fluorescence protocols, on-the-fly during trimming and sectioning.