Single Cell Isolation

by Varjú Patrícia

CellSorter develops smart technologies for single cell handling, sorting, and isolation.

Robotic Isolation Technology to discover single cell genetics

Full CellSorter Instrument with Valve Control

  • High throughput single cell sorting directly from the Petri dish
  • One single cell arrives to each PCR tube
  • 10 PCR strips containing 80 tubes can be filled in a cycle
  • Glass cover slip for testing single cell deposition in situ
  • Drop volume less than 1 ul for adherent cells
  • Pick up volume of ~1 nl for suspended cells
  • 15-20 seconds per cell. When collecting multiple cells, sorting speed is 1 cell/second.
  • Number of cells picked up in a single run: 1-1000.
  • Isolates a subpopulation of live adherent cells expressing fluorescent or luminescent markers
  • Both unlabeled and fluorescentcells are recognized by computer vision
  • Viable cells after sorting
  • Any adherent and non-adherent cell type can be sorted
  • Cell culture needs minimal preparation before sorting
  • Average sorting process takes only a few minutes
  • Multichannel detection using the fluorescent filter setup of the microscope


Valve Controlled CellSorter Device & Software

  • High precision micropipette holding console made from hard aluminum equipped with LED illumination for micropipette focusing connected to the motorized micromanipulator via a rotatable arm.
  • 25 mm travel range 1D motorized micromanipulator
  • Special aluminum insert fitting to the microscope stage with a hole and magnetic fixing ring for the 35 mm Petri dish and 80 holes for 10 PCR stripes and a hole for a 32x24 mm2 glass cover slide for testing and high resolution imaging and a hole with a calibration cross-hair
  • CellSorter control unit with 2 high speed fluid valves and USB connection to the computer
  • User friendly intuitive control software for MS Windows OS
  • Accessories, fittings and tubing for liquid control
  • 5 pcs of borosilicate micropipettes for single cell manipulations with calibrated aperture

Motorized Zeiss Axio Observer A1 Inverted Fluorescent Microscope

  • Including NA 0.55 LD condensor lens, EC Plan neofluar 10x/0.3 Ph 1 objective lens
  • Accessories for phase contrast and fluorescent imaging
  • Fluorescent illumination system with Prior Lumen 200S metal halide light source
  • Marzhauser 2D motorized microscope stage and motorized focus drive.

Andor Zyla 5.5 Camera

  • USB 3.0 sCMOS – Compact low light imaging camera
  • Front-illuminated scientific CMOS sensor
  • 2560 x 2160 pixel array, 6.5 μm pixel size
  • Low read noise of 1.2 e-, sensor stably cooled to 0°C up to an ambient temperature of +35°C
  • Rolling shutter and ‘true’ global shutter modes
  • 12 bit and 16 bit digitization
  • Max. pixel readout rate 2x280MHz
  • iCam, C-mount, USB3.0 interface (interface card and cable included), power supply, trigger cable

NE-1000 Syringe Pump

  • Holds 1 Syringe up to 60 cc
  • Infusion rates from 0.73 µL/hr (1 cc syringe) to 2100 ml/hr (60 cc syringe)
  • Easy-to-use keypad interface
  • Space Saving Chassis: Foot print size of only 5 3/4" x 8 3/4"
  • Includes all the advanced functions and programming features of the NE-1000 family

 Dell Desktop Computer With 23" Dell Monitor

  • Processor: Intel Core i7-4790 3,6: 4 Cores, 8M Cache, up to 4.00 GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB DDR RAM
  • HDD: 1000 GB
  • SSD: 120 GB

Valve Controlled Cellsorter Device & Software can be ordered separately.

New Piezoelectric Sorting Head for Single Cell Isolation


  • Compact design
  • Excellent liquid handling precision: 0.1 nanoliter
  • Outstanding >90% single cell isolation efficiency
  • Built-in LED illumination for phase contrast imaging
  • No tubes
  • No syringes
  • control unit with USB connection to the computer

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