Telight LiveCodim

by Gergely Balogh

Telight LiveCodim

From conventional to super-resolution microscopy LiveCodim is a universal, super-resolution imaging platform, designed to interface with any standard fluorescence microscope. It is the solution for live imaging with high resolution and low phototoxicity.
LiveCodim establishes a new super-resolution imaging modality, creating an answer for the main critical challenges of SR in cell biology: maintaining the integrity of biological samples, technical complexity, cost of ownership.

LiveCodim consists of a universal add-on, for any standard microscope. It includes widefieldconfocal, and super-resolution modalities to provide a complete solution, especially suitable for retrofitting.

The technology is based on the patented Conical Diffraction Microscopy (CODIM) – a powerful beam shaper, generating controlled and localized light patterns used to scan biological samples with very low phototoxicity and negligible photobleaching.

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