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As founder of Image-Science Ltd. my mission is to provide such a portfolio of microscopes that enables every researcher/scientist to find the best microscope (from simple to complex types) that suits their specific needs. Besides quality, another important aspect is to represent the most innovative technologies, providing an opportunity to spin-off enterprises.

Regarding the confocal upgrade offered by Confocal.nl I attach particular importance to the resolution of 170 nm with which the company outstrips other operators and to its pricing which makes it highly affordable. The company is founded by Erik Manders -academic researcher- and Peter Drent who has 25 years of experience in sales, marketing and development of (confocal) microscopes. In the near future they will come up with an upgrade with its own software and a light microscope. And many more biological applications are on the horizon.

TESCAN-ORSAY is a leading provider of scientific instrumentation and is well known for its innovation and openness to work with researchers and customizing applications to fit specific needs. The TESCAN brand has built a solid reputation for designing and manufacturing scanning electron microscopes all over the world and is now entering to the optical microscopy market with its unique Multimodal Holographic Microscope (MHM) – Q-PHASE. TESCAN established a Hungarian service center and the well-trained service staff is capable to assure fast service and customer support as well as detailed product information. The new product family Micro-CT instruments provide a new alternative in 3D-X-ray imaging.

M Squared has developed their Airy Beam Light Sheet Imaging System as a compact, modular, flexible and affordable instrument, designed to address the current limitations in other light sheet systems. The „Aurora” system is a ground breaking approach to Light Sheet Microscopy that utilises an Airy beam for light sheet illumination enabling deeper penetration with a lower photon dose for longer imaging times. It also enables a wider field of view to allow more of your specimen to be imaged at high three-dimensional resolution.

The Twinter µScope – Subminiature High-Resolution Microscope is able to record the activity of the somatic neuronal cells of the freely moving animals; can combine the microscopic cell activity with the macroscopic behavioral symptoms, allowing scientist to study the „neural circuits basis of behavior”, providing a powerful tool for the neuroscience researchers.

Lumencor is leading the life sciences with light engines for bioanalysis. Novel optical excitation subsystems are designed for an array of instruments including fluorescence microscopes. Lumencor is committed to building innovative, high-quality light engines that facilitate rapid, sensitive, accurate analysis.

Tokai Hit incubation chamber: NEW STX series enables to cell culture from a few hours to more than 2 weeks by maintaining the temperature, humidity and CO2 control on microscope stages possible. Accumulates more than 210 patterns of temperature regulation to maintain the sample temperature optimally. Original Heating Method, 3 Selectable Incubation Mode, Built-in Humidifier, Screen Capture.

Oxford Nanoimaging has created its next generation single-molecule, super-resolution microscope. It offers super-resolution imaging with an achievable resolution of under 20 nm in cells and is the world’s first tailored wide-field single-molecule FRET solution.

CellSorter develops smart technologies for single cell handling, sorting, and isolation. We design flexible hardware and software for diverse applications.

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Dr. Patrícia Varju, PhD